KARSSENBERG-GREIDANUS  is a label that, using fashion as media, researches several different themes , such as power, autonomy, commerce and survival. In KG’  work these big themes are constantly being related to one another. In a world that is dominated by power systems and consumption the possibility to remain autonomous ( and thus to survive ) is becoming more and more difficult.Our work usually comprises a fashion collection- a series of designs that reflect our ideas in the form of a product or presentation. The starting point of our collections is always an extensive research , usually about the function and meaning of clothing. Many of our designs refer to the protective function of clothing- against nature as well as society. Natural materials such as leather and wool are dominant. Our style is sober and raw, but also refined.  By conducting form experiment our mostly colourless garments receive there strong lines. With intensive handicraft the garments are functionally decorated and refined. Apart from our own collections we also work together with artists on special projects- an example hereof is our collaboration with artist Jonas Staal for the project Bullet Proof Artist. In order to indicate the difference between that kind of art projects and prêt a porter collections, the commercial collections are called CS by KARSSENBERG-GREIDANUS.

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